Wednesdays of Hope

An evening of fun and inspiration centered around a story of Hope

We all are touched in different ways. Some hearts are moved visually, others through the stories we hear and for many it is in our willingness to participate that we draw close to God. Whatever is you way, God’s presence is there. God is in the rhythm of our song, the unique design of our art forms and comes alive through the stories of a testimony. At St. Paul, we use music, scripture, media, prayer that in the worship experiences we create, our stories intersect with God’s story. Here in the heart of New Paris, we long to love others, to serve our neighbors and be hope for our community. Our passion is poured out in a beautiful expression of thanks and praise to God.

Wednesdays of Hope at St. Paul

Join us in the inspiration...


  • 2:00pm – Coffee in the Café – come out of the cold and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate in our Café

  • 3:00pm – Food Pantry opens – the New Paris Community Food Pantry is located in the basement of our facility

  • 5:00pm – Praise team – our St. Paul Praise team warms up for an evening of great music

  • 5:30pm – Music in the Café – the music begins and the coffee continues to flow in the Cafe

  • 6:00pm – Wednesdays of Hope – an evening of fun and inspiration centered around a story of Hope